Assembly manual feedback for the MK2 30x48

Greeting to the fine People at Sienci and to all the other fine People on this forum,

For several days I have perused the Assembly manuals for the Longmill MK2 to include both the LongMill-MK2-Main-Manual-V6.pdf and the 48x30-LongMill-MK2-Complete-Merged-Manual.pdf . and the 7W LaserBeam Component- User & Safety Manual. Great job on both MK2 manuals.

  I would like to point out that the wording on page 49 

Quoted from Page 49 of both manuals " If you’re assembling the 48x30 size LongMill, you’ll find the second drag chain inside the “drag chain & cable box”. " This wording just blends in with the paragraph as the font is the same and can be missed. This sentence notes an important step as the extra drag chain will be needed for further assembly of the drag chain components and Could have been annotated or Italicized to make this important information stand out to the reader. Like as an example NOTE before the sentence so that the step is not missed by accident for those assembling the 48 inch unit.

To my next point of feedback; The 48x30-LongMill-MK2-Complete-Merged-Manual.pdf, starting with Section F page 103 perhaps a notation of the Laser module cabling can be added into this section as applicable . Provided that the Laser was purchased at the same time as the complete MK2 30x48 as a complete unit and will be assembled as one complete unit. There is reference to the inductive sensor cable with instructions on what to do with the sensor itself.
Would it be possible for future readers to see a small reference about the installation of the Laser cabling at this point in time? Therefore the cables are installed and routed with all the other cables. ( I know that not all individuals purchased the laser at the time of purchase of the CNC itself.) If an individual was to follow the merged manual through to its end and then reference the 7W LaserBeam Component- User & Safety Manual that individual would have to go back and undo some of His or Her work.
Also please note that the 7W LaserBeam Component- User & Safety Manual does not reference the installation of the newer longer cables and the pictorial diagrams are reference generation 1 cabling and not the longer braided color coded cables. There is nothing wrong with this. Just a note to say that the cabling has been upgraded and assembly should proceed as normal.
Awesome job on upgrading the cabling and the color coding. If I am correct the need for an extension cable or extension adaptor is no longer needed with the newer longer cables?
Thank you for allowing me the time to share my thoughts on a extremely well Thought out and functional manual followed by an abridged or merged manual that is then followed by the Laser manual. I can not wait for the next ideal to come to be implemented for the Longmill to bear life and be put into use by the many CNC users of Sienci products.

Great feedback on the LaserBeam!
Adding a note for installing laser cables at the same time as other cables in the drag chain would be a great reminder for those who ordered the LaserBeam with their MK2.
Yes we increased the length of the cable by the same length as the MK2 so no need for extensions.
We can also get working on adding imagery of the new updated LaserBeam cables to the existing page so there’s no confusion for customers with the newer cables.


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Thanks for taking the time to review my feedback and to respond in kind to the feedback. Take Care and have a great day.