Assembly question

Can somebody help me out? Got my Mark 2 from a guy who hadn’t assembled (even unboxed) his yet. Vintage is 11/22. Assembly went well. Checking the wiring, I saw that the extension from the first X axis motor cable, did not match the blue, yellow, green, red pattern. Instead it went white, yellow, black, red. I think it will work, but I am baffled. I don’t know where the other-colored connector might go, and I do not have another in the proper configuration with the right connector. Interestingly, on pp 105 of the assembly manual there is a picture that clearly shows this in combination withe b-y-g-r.

I posted a pic of the connector on the fb page, but I can’t seem to upload a picture here. I feel like the b-y-g-r pattern should be consistent. I’m at a loss.

Hey @Ump98,

We’ve updated that cable to not need those connectors any longer. That is why you are seeing the red symbol on page 105 of the installation manual. You can simply connect them as pictured and you should be good to go!


Sounds like you may be looking at wire for the laser, they have that coloring.

Thanks Stephen, Possibly because my machine is from late 2022, it came with that particular cable. My issue is that it is the only one I have that will extend the motor cable. The wires are different colors, but it should work. I was concerned that maybe I had somehow neglected or failed to recognize that particular wire color combination had another use. I am assuming that is not the case.

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Thanks. I think it will work to connect my motor. I don’t have a laser - yet!

I went to what I think is page 105 (not seeing the page numbers). This has nothing to do with the laser, those cables which are color coded using the same color coding, sorry. Ump98 gave you good advice I think, Wire color shouldn’t matter as long as the order didn’t get changed. I included pics of mine if that helps so maybe you can follow the wires to the right spot on the motor.

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