Auto Touch Plate

I hope this it the right spot. My auto touch plate is not working properly. Z works ok but when it moves to X it either doesn’t stop when moving left or it won’t go all the way over to the right. I updated the sender software. Still not working. Should I do a factory reset? I am not code savvy so this is all alien to me. Hopefully there is a simple fix.

When I st the home manually the carve is nowhere close to the file code. At my wits end here!

@Bergees Hello David, welcome to the group.

Are you using Universal G-Code Sender or gSender? It’s been a long while since I used UGS but I don’t think UGS will work with the Auto Touch Plate.

If you are using gSender, make sure you select Auto Touch Plate in the settings probe section. The probe tab at the bottom right should show the Auto Touch Plate.

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I am using gsender. It was working fine until Saturday .

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I don’t have the Auto Touch so I don’t know what else to try to fix your problem. If your still having the problem maybe you should contact Sienci for support.

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