Ball Screw Upgrade

Has anyone researched replacing the drive screws for the X & Y axis with Ball screws?
In looking for 1030mm for the Y axis I’ve found a 1050mm ball screw kit that would run under $200 for 2.
Of course will need to review all the dimensions to verify it can fit without major modification.
RATTMMOTOR RM/SFU1605 BallScrew Kit, 1050mm Length Ball Screw with SFU1605 Ball Screw Nut+BK/BF12 Ball Screw End Supports+1605 Ball Screw Nut Housing for CNC Machine: Industrial & Scientific

I’m thinking at least two major modifications would be needed. i) you need a way to mount the bearings at either end; ii) you’ll need a way to mount the nut to the gantry.

Have you seen the printNC? It has a similar ethos to the longmill–using 3d printed parts and off-the-shelf parts. It also uses ball screws and linear rails.