Batch 2 Updates

Hey guys. I know a lot of you are eagerly waiting for your LongMills to ship. Here’s an update on the production to keep you in the loop of everything that’s going on: Production updates for batch 2 | Sienci Labs

Another thing you might want to read about is the common issues and changes we had for our first batch of LongMills in production as well. We keep a record of all of the reported customer issues we get to make sure that we can fix and improve them going forward. A list of common issues and how we resolved them on the LongMill V1, and how we improved on our machines for V2 | Sienci Labs

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Happy making!

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The link to the issues list results in a 503 error - service unavailable. Hopefully, this is temporary.

I just upgraded the hosting servers for the website. Apparently the bots from all the search engines are overloading them right now. Trying to get it fixed.

Thanks for the Update. You know everyone is anxious to get theirs, and this goes a long way. Keep the information coming and good luck to all who are waiting.

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is there any update to when the next bunch of machines be shipped I know my machine in the next 10 or so to be sent and having a hard time waiting

Me too! Haha the project list is getting bigger and bigger :wink:


The steel control boxes have been powder coated, all the remaining drivers and power supplies are in the shop now. Just waiting on the batch of PCB boards to come in. I will probably post an update once those arrive. They are in assembly now, hoping they will be completed assembly in the next few days.

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Thanks for the update!

Just got an update from the board manufacturer that they expect to ship the boards by the end of this week!

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So would it be to late to add accessories to an order?

Awesome! Glad to hear. What’s the shipping time from them?

The wait is killing me!!! @andy any update on the boards? Did they ship last week?


ok no hockey and cannot go anywhere so please send me my machine or I will have to spend time with my family


First off I hope everyone is doing the best they can in times like these. Secondly, @andy, did the boards actually ship as you stated they might 12days ago?

Just hoping for some insights to when we might expect these to ship. Yes I understand there are a lot of things happening in this world that are or could cause delays. I’m okay with that as long as I am informed, could Sienci try and post once a week here to give us what they know? Even if it’s, “WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE BOARDS TO ARRIVE FROM CHINA”

I am still waiting on the boards. Not sure why they are delayed.

This is the second production pt 2 update.

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The wait is killing me ordered mine January 3rd off work with this virus shutting everything down and I’m getting bored I have lots of beer but no CNC and I know the guys are doing their best to get the out.