Because I am Lazy

I have used a number of ways to finish timber products over the years. One thing I won’t use again is varnish its just too long winded and time consuming.

Some tables I have built I have used furniture wax with great results

With my CNC projects I now use Danish Oil and because I am very lazy I taken to mixing Danish Oil and Stain and applying that. The results are great.

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Is it being lazy or working smarter not harder? That sounds like an interesting technique, do you have any photos of projects you’ve finished using your method?

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I’ve been using Watco Danish Finishing Oil on some of my oak projects. I think its just danish oil with stain already added. It’s a finish that is very hard to mess up. In the past I’ve applied the first coat and then come back later and applied a light coat and rubbed with fine sand paper to get a very smooth surface. Taking a page from @mowog 's handbook, and because I had them on hand, I applied the first (and only) coat of oil to this project with Mirka Mirlon very fine scuff pads. Came out great.


Looks great! Thanks for the response and the tips!

Here are a couple of YouTube videos.

Learning how to finish these signs over time. Some customers like the natural look others certainly like the darker look. The Welcome To Our Home sign was actually done with clear Danish oil.

Nice work, definitely gonna give the Danish oil a go on some upcoming projects!

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I have stopped doing varnish, poly, no stain whatsoever. We have gone to the woods we like, use Osmo for a finish. We use the clear gloss, made in Germany and is plant based, food safe. some use it for hardwood floors. The most rewarding finish I have ever used.