Best place to attach Dust Shoe

Anyone have any thoughts on the best place to mount a dust shoe? Either to the gantry or clamped around the router? Would it be too much added weight attaching to the router?

Any thoughts experiences appreciated.

@dbraz77 Dwayne: There are several threads here about various dust shoe installations. Most are Z axis independent like the Sienci model. There is one that is attached to the router, though. Chris has a write up on the Long Mill page about the benefits and drawbacks of the two designs.
All that said, I don’t believe that there is any issue with adding weight to the router. I would imagine that depends on how much weight you are talking about, though.

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I have both of the Sience dust collectors and another smaller collector that attaches to the router. I find that when I put the vac hose on the router I will move the Z AXIS due to its smooth operation. I get lucky because the skirt attaches magneticallly to the base that attaches to the router, so I can reprobe my Z when I knucklehead like this. The advantages of the router mounted dust collector is greater effeciency of debris collection and a smaller footprint. You just have to be vigilent when attaching the hose.

If you set the step idle delay, this will prevent bumping them out of position by keeping the stepper motors energized.