Best Practices for LongMill setup and surrounding gear

Will shortly be setting up my new LongMill and rotary - and was hoping to get some input on best practices regarding things related to table setup, wiring, computer to run gSender,etc

  • if possible, should the router and/or dust collection vacuum be run on a different circuit than the LongMill control and connected PC?
  • tips on grounding the LongMill and related
  • best cables for connectivity
  • is there any benefit to a desktop vs laptop for gSender (and can gSender run in background while using vCarve)
  • any pros/cons from a gSender perspective to Mac vs PC (or Rasberry Pi perhaps?)
  • if locating the control box under the table, any routing paths that should be avoided? Can cables be extended and if so any shielding needed?
  • while not β€œneeded” - if you were to do it again would you get a spindle from the start? And if so, which one?

Just trying to head off as many potential problems from the start of possible

@mwardncsu Those are all good questions, Mike. I strongly suggest that you use the forum search engine to find answers. All of your questions have been asked and answered here many times. You will get the benefit of all the members who have contributed.

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