Betsy Ross style "We the People" flag

Made on my 30x30 MK2. My second attempt and alignment of the stars and blue union was a bit off due to moving the vectors from one model to another (measurement goof) but came out fairly well I think. Stars and text were done with 90 V bit. Stripes with a 1/8" compression endmill. Charred with a MAP burner to make the carvings pop a little. Carveco Maker.


Looking nice! Masked project or hand painted?

I masked the outside border of the union then applied blue stain. Then masked inside the union and stained the entire rest with red stain. Then carved out the stars and “white” stripes.

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@NealW Very nicely done sir!!

Great stuff, well done.

Neal, what product did you use for the mask? I’ve not found anything that seems to work for me, as the router bits just tear it all to pieces!

No masks involved. I put on two coats of shellac on the entire project, then I taped off the outside border of the Union area and scored the edge with a utility knife. The shellac/scoring helped prevent stain wicking. Then I stained the union blue. After the blue dried, I did the same for the rest of the project - taped the edge of the Union rectangle then coated the rest of the entire board with red stain.
Then CNC carved the stars and “white” stripes directly into the stained areas.
The the “We the People” area, I used Chris Powell’s Carveco tutorial:

@NealW very cool indeed, liked learning about your finishing techniques. Nice job Neal!

Nice work! I want to try one of those flags….