Bill Yorston's HDPE clamps

Bill offered these free plans to the group some months ago. I’ve copied them to this board.

Hold down clamps.crv (1.4 MB)

Hold down clamps.dxf (121.3 KB)

Profile 1 hold down clamps.gcode (15.3 KB)

Profile 1 right angle clamps.gcode (39.5 KB)

Profile 2 Cam Locks.gcode (162.7 KB)


I am still using mine, one suggestion is gets lots of different length screws, lets one easily change from different work thickness. I often use scrap wood shims to lift up the screw end. Good news is they are so cheap, if you ding one no big loss. I often find uses in clamping with the dinged ones, gets in tight places!

I am so sorry to not have been contributing, my stuff is still in storage due to our move. Had a concrete pad poured, ordered a 10 X 16 work shop, will need to share spaces with the double garage, carport and the shop. Hoping to add a mini split with one unit for the shop and a larger unit for the garage. Heat and cooling done in one package. So Many things to consider ie POWER, Heat, COOLING. Hope to be back up and contributing soon!

@Bill Good to see you back, Bill. As always, your advice is welcome and spot on. :grinning:

Hi Bill! My name is Jake. I live in the cornfields of SE Iowa and went through your power, heat and cooling issues when I built my retirement workshop during the pandemic. I feel your anguish towards it. I understand this is an old thread, but if you need recommendations regarding these things, send me a message. I am able to tell you what I did, and maybe help with some of the many decisions.

Hope you are healthy and safe!


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Hi Jake,

We remain in the turmoil of moving, can you believe my wife thinks that Kitchens comes first? Good Gracious woman, I have a new shop needing insulation, mini split, equipment, where are your priorities!

I know, happy wife, happy life…

I lovingly glance at the Long Mill sitting alone and neglected in a totally unpacked double garage! I think I heard it calling my name the other night!

Jake, I love Iowa, grew up in the twin cities, so close. When I hit the Iowa state line I always feel close to home!

Soon I will be back.


Hi Bill! I was born and raised in St. Paul and much of my family still lives in Minnesota. I moved to Iowa in 1999 and haven’t looked back since. I love the people here, very friendly for the most part. My retirement home is in a town of 10,000. Far cry from the 260,000 of St. Paul.

I know of a good company out of MN that does custom kitchens at a good price. I used them a few years ago for a project and was very happy. Quick turn around and no particle board! I do understand the happy wife thing, I really do!

Nice to meet you and keep in touch!

Hi Jake,

We moved from a small resort community in New Mexico to San Angelo, TX. Couldn’t function at 7500 ft and so much better here, the population here is 100K so it has every thing we need plus good medical. Just a few doors left to install and finished with the kitchen.


Hi Bill
Thank for the clamps, I am new to the CNC world. One day Iam hoping to be able to pass along everything that I learn from all my fellow CNCer’s.
Again thank you.

@Terry Welcome to the group, Terry. There are many people here who are very giving of their time to help out newbies. From your intro, I’m sure that you will fit in very well.

Have fun.

Thanks Bill greatly appreciate your comments.


Just want to give my thanks to both Bill and gwilki for designing, sharing and then posting for all of us newbies and seasoned CNC’ers to use so we are one step closer to being able to get up and running when our machines arrive.