Bit change set up

Hey everyone new to cnc’ing waiting for my machine to arrive to get started but i have been playing around on carbide create to learn how to make projects now my question is when i want to go from 1/8 for contour to 1/4 to pocket will my machine recognize there is a tool change using carbide for my project? I only ask because i noticed there is no longmill option on the machine list so just wanna know if it recognizes the tool change or not thanks for any help

Hey Brats,

For tool changes using CC you actually need to produce a separate GCode per tool bit. Watch this video and around the 12 min mark you will see how he disables tool paths and explains the tool change process.

Long story short in your case you should have 2 Gcode files:

Gcode #1 - 1/8 Contour
Gcode #2 - 1/4 Pocket

Hope this helps,

Perfect thanks i appreciate the help very much

If you have homing switches, use the Shapeoko post processor to get M6 tool change commands.

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