Bit Sources Where to buy them

Of course Sienci Labs sells bits on their site. They are a good price but if you cannot wait for shipping or need it right away here are a few sources you can get them from. Search for other types May be US only shipping Not sure

Carbide End Mill - End Milling - End Mill Cutter and Milling Cutters Search for other types

Router bits - Cutting tools - Categories Woodworking machinery, tools and supplies search for what you need they have a basic kit available.

Searchresults - search-results - Atlas-Machinery Search for bit styles you may want

Please feel free to add other sources below. Add the website please and to keep the thread clear please do not post other items in this thread. I want it to be a tooling resource. Thanks guys. Oh please add the country the place is in for clarity. All the above are in Canada except Bits and Bits.


Another source:

I bought one of their bits from Amazon. I’ll update this message after I get my own LM and have a chance to try the bit out. They do seem to have an enormous range of products.

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Another source is Aliexpress. This is a great option as long as you’re not in a hurry. Beginners should always start with cheap tooling because breakage is going to be part of the learning process.

I appreciate the site but would rather have brick and mortar store they could go to get them. Aliexpress is notorious for not sending what you order and the problems I see with various other people that have ordered there really turns me off suggesting them.

I have placed approximately 80 orders with Aliexpress to date and have had only one incorrect item and it was replaced free of charge without having to return the original piece. I’m quite satisfied so far, although I do understand your concerns.

Ok thanks for the info good to hear.

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KBC Tools in Mississauga…[["Shank%20Diameter"%2C"Shank%20Diameter"%2C"1%2F8\""],["Length%20of%20Cut"%2C"Length%20of%20Cut"%2C"1%2F2\""]]

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I’ve used Drill Bits Unlimited ( They sell both new and used bits. The used bits are resharpened. I’ve purchased quite a few bits from them and haven’t ever been disappointed. You can buy sets of bits or create your own set from their wide selection.

I’ve also bought a few bits from CarbidePlus, who have a store on EBay ( They too, have been good bits.

Both of these offer quite reasonable prices on very good quality bits.