Bit speeds on MK2

I will be getting my MK2 48X30 on Tuesday (per UPS) who knows.
My question is that I have been running the bits at the speeds recommended for IDC, Long Mill, etc. on my MaseturPro with no issues.
If I look at the chart for the Long Mill bits can I increase that speed and depth?
Now I run a 1/4 dc at 70/.1 deep , on the Long Mill can I run 90/.2 down?

Am I overreacting here or just confused?
I should be able to run the MK 2 a lot faster than the Fox Alien,no?

Did not finish from last post. Not too savy on this.
This an example of a Job I did with no problems.
Thanks for the responce


I use carveco maker and installed the IDC, SPE and Scienci Labs data bases and that’ where I get the speeds I mentioned.