Blessed wall hanging

Made a multi-material wall hanging for a family member. It is made from Peruvian walnut and the lettering was filled in with resin in opaque white with hints of gold (tried to resemble gold streaked marble). I don’t yet have a jointer or a planer so I used the longmill to do both to ensure good and clean joint lines. I sanded up to 180 grit and finished it with osmo oil.


Looks great!

You used the longmill to do the jointing?
Did you just cut a line with the longmill?

Yes exactly. I used the longmill to joint both edges of the boards by running a profile pass on a straight line.

Work better than a good table saw cut?

Definitely not nearly as quick as a table saw cut would be but for my case with my cheapo benchtop table saw, the cut was going to be way better with the mill! Table saw is the next thing on the list to get a major upgrade ha ha