Blind mortise and tenon for Tree of Life jewelry box project

This is my second jewelry box. The first one I used half laps for joinery. However this one uses a blind mortise and tenon construction which forced me to do a two-sided carve. I already know that i could have used a dog bone for my joinery, but this fit my purpose.


Welcome to the forum Mark. Nice work!


Welcome to the forum @551932 Mark…Beautiful work. Just curious what did you use for the design software? I really like this. Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks, I used VCarve Pro, I’m certain that any of the Vectric softwares could probably handle it and any others with bitmap processing. Just brought in a free black and white bitmap and traced it onto the top of the box. Use an 1/8th inch ball nose to do the carving. The sides were done using a two-sided cut since the slot to hold the bottom need to be on the inside and the tenon needs to be cut from the opposite side in order to make it blind.

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