Bought in October, Finished assembly last night 48x30 MK2

Despite the best efforts of Covid, other winter illnesses, and a couple of weeks of subzero (F) temperatures in my shop I finally have my MK2 set up and tested!

Ready for spoiler

The bench isn’t quite done…I will put a couple of braces across that hole to support a spoiler board, but also want to set up some jigs that will allow me to do some joinery as well.

I have not yet run any files on it yet, I just jogged it around the perimeter to cut the hole:

(Pardon the messy shop in this shot, building that huge bench kind of put my unheated 2 car garage with a gravel floor into a bit of disarray)

Unlike a “Forge” that sorta glows, I forgot that the cutting area that the manufacturer lists is not exaggerated, but rather understated - I brought home a 48x48 piece of MDF…

But that is really not going to be a problem for me. One of my first projects is going to be to engrave a big buffalo outline on a table project that needs to be finished that I won’t be using the SB for anyway.

I’ll post pictures when I get the SB and a jig or two made.


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Hey GW,

I like the idea of having the option of removing the spoilboard. Very clever and flexible.
I will need to address that kind of setup too someday cause I want to be able to do work on cabinets without the need for disasembling them. At the moment my machine is mounted on a slab MDF, seperate from the table it is resting on. I am still considering my options, but yours is defenitly one of them.

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