Bronco Garage Sign

Made this for my brother-in-law who is big into broncos and restoration of broncos

It will be painted cowboy blue with white lettering.

Actually made two, first one with a 60° V bit took eleven hours, cut a second with a 1/4" End mill to remove the background took a little over two hours.

I had issues in v carve pro using circles and node editing to align to create the curves, as you can see additional sanding required.


@Bill Well done, Bill! Be sure to post pics of it when painted.

Here you go


@Bill They look great, Bill. :+1:

I didn’t do the painting, just the carve, amazing the time difference in the two carves

Hey Bill the sign do look great. So how were they painted, coat of blue then sand then carefully paint the letters and border???

yes, sanding sealer, spray blue, drum sander, sponge brush, tiny ones from hobby lobby

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