Bug or Suggestion?

Ryan on the C3D Shapeoko board made the following post about the compatibility of the new Shapeoko S5Pro and gSender. I don’t have an S5Pro so I can’t test why it doesn’t work with gSender.

I wouldn’t mind providing him with corrective instructions on a Sienci Labs fix.

PS. This sounds like a job for @NeilFerreri ! :smiley:

@CrookedWoodTex Since you did ask, Tex, I changed your post to “suggestion”. :grinning:

In the link that you provided, I saw that the poster showed a solution to his problem. However, he also said that he really wanted a web-based solution, which at least right now, does not describe gSender.

Well, yeah, but I’m not sure what the problem is with the S5. It’s only a guess to me based on what he posted.

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