Business naming

So while I wait for my replacement controller to arrive, I’ve been dabbling with business names for what I hope will be a supplemental income in the future. Starting on various media boards and making an Etsy shop. Brand naming is everything so I know the name needs to describe what I do, and be catchy enough for people to remember it. After going through 1000 ideas off a name generator, these sounded decent. I’d like to get some feedback.

My main niche will be patriotic flags, however I don’t want to limit myself to just that but also be able to describe that I will be making signs and gifts. I used keywords like: woodworking, cnc, patriotic and signs.

Here are the 4 that have caught my eye so far.

CNC Artisan
Craft CNC Woodworking
Woodworking Revolution
CNC Woodworking Sawdust

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas?

Thanks in advance!


The one that stands out the most is CNC Woodworking Sawdust. It does not sound like a name. It sounds more like three random tag words.

Playing off that name, what about CNC Wood Chips

As for the others, I like CNC Artisan or Craft CNC Woodworking

good luck


I like that one and agree with the CNC Woodworking Sawdust.

I appreciate the feedback!!

@EdwardS Hello! Personally, I like “Woodworking Revolution”. It takes a bit from your flag projects and adds the revolution of CNC woodworking to the mix. So many people don’t know what a CNC machine even is.

Best of luck Edward, I am in the same boat, trying to figure out a company name etc.


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This is true about many people not knowing what a CNC machine is. It’s like when the Boba Tea first came out, everyone was like “What the hell is boba?” To this day I’m still one of those people! LOL I liked Woodworking Revolution because it reminded me of the American Revolution, which, in a way, is very Patriotic. Thanks for the feedback.

I hope you get your GFCI figured out. Hopefully I get my new controller delivered today so I can possibly start cutting something this weekend!

I like “Woodworking Revolution” as well.


@EdwardS Add another vote to Woodworking Revolution, Edward.

One thing that you may want to keep in mind is that, as you’ve said, most people do not know what “CNC” is. That also means that they will not search on “CNC” when looking for signs, plaques, flags, etc. They likely neither know nor care how what they are looking for is made. They care and will pay for the end product. FWIW.


Hit the nail on the head! The more I was thinking about it, and looking at other business names I was seeing a pattern. Not many were named after the type/style of production, but rather what they can deliver. I appreciate the feedback!

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Excellent choice Edward! I can not wait to see what you produce.

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Thank you, I’m excited (and nervous) to see what the future holds. At the very least I have a new toy to keep me occupied during my slow time! Got the new controller in today. But since I have an early rise tomorrow I just plugged everything in to see if she runs the way it needed…and it does! Now on to calibration, tinkering with the V-wheels, and screwing it all down!

Got it narrowed down to 2!

WoodWorking Revolution
Sola’s Wood Works (my last name is Sola)

Going to toss those around to a few other people, collegues and family members to see what they feel is catchier. I really do appreciate all the help, feedback and suggestions! Here’s hoping to a great business start!

is too generic, wont stay in mind.

I agree with Jannik on this.

I was actually leaning towards WoodWorking Revolution myself as using part of my name just didn’t feel right in this instance. I appreciate the feedback!



I’ve got mine, I just need to start making things…


I like it! Simple but it says everything you need to know. What you do, where you’re located, and a catchy name!

The funny part is how it came to be. About 10 years ago my wife had the great idea that we should form a kickball team with our friends. At the first game, I kicked the ball and headed for first. As I tried to go for second gear, I pulled a hammy and went down. Along with the hammy, I broke my arm in three places and got put in a blue cast that looked like a permanent facebook like. After I recovered, the first game out I pulled the hammy in the other leg. After this I was nicknamed “the legend”. So not much to do with woodwork but its fun.


That’s awesome (well not the hammy and broken arm part), but how you got the nickname and turned it into a business name!

@rogerwa123 Way interesting story sir! Who would actually believe that kick ball could be hazardous to your health! Excellent name and story!

By the way, former Minnesota resident, left years ago and made it south to Iowa. Not as bitter cold as Minnesota, but more humid in the summer from all the corn growing.


With the pulled hammy and the broken arm I did actually make it to second base. I just learned that second gear is a thing of the past.