CAM Setup Question


I am trying to mill out a crossword puzzle. I am trying to figure out the CAM sequence for this project. Milling the pockets seems to be no big deal. What I am trying to figure out is how to engrave the numbers for the clues. The path is too small for any reasonable endmill, so I figured I would need to use a V-Bit. I don’t know how to go about programming this though. Any insight would be super helpful. I am trying to stay within the Kiri:Moto space if possible for the CAM. I tried to upload a file, but for some reason as a new user, I am not allowed to do this…

@Kimby Welcome to the group, Andrew. I didn’t know that new members could not upload files. I’ve never used Kiri:Moto, but may be able to help you figure this out, with a bit more information. When you are milling the pockets, are you milling out each and every square, leaving the lines between the squares full height?

If so, I assume, then, that you want to engrave the numbers into the pockets at the start of each “answer”, yes?

How big is the puzzle?

Yes, correct. I will be milling out every square leaving “walls” where the lines would be in a regular print puzzle.

That is correct, I do want to engrave the numbers at the bottom of the pocket.

The puzzles overall dims are 10" x 10" x 1" with the pockets being .5" cubed.

Let me know if you need anymore information!

@Kimby I’m sorry, Andrew, but I can’t see in Kiri:Moto how to set up the toolpaths. In VCarvePro, I would carve out the squares, likely using a 1/16" end mill to keep the corners as sharp as possible. Then I would use a 30° vbit to carve the numbers. They will be very small, given that the squares are only 1/2" on side. In VCP, it’s possible to program a start depth, which in your case would be 1/2", then set a bottom depth, which you can set to whatever you want. I suggest that you may want to post your question in the Kiri:Moto forum. I doubt that this is particularly complex.

I think there is a similar function in Kiri:Moto. Thank you so much for your help! I will reach out to that forum as well.

My understanding is that I would mill the pockets first. Once that is complete, I would switch bits and zero the Z at the bottom of the pocket while keeping the X and Y the same. Then run the program. Does that sound like a semi-correct workflow to you?

@Kimby That’s a good way to do it. In my process, I was setting my Z0 at the top of the material for the second bit. That’s why I started it cutting at .5", the bottom of your pocket. I thought that it might be difficult to see if the vbit was at the bottom of a pocket, since they are so small. Have fun. Post pics when you have it finished. Do you use scrabble tiles or something when you do the puzzle?

I will for sure. I found some beads with lettering on them. Hoping it turns out well!