Camera on a laser

Does anyone have any experience on a LongMill with using a camera in lightburn? Things like mounting a camera etc etc.

The link below is from LAhobbyguy, he is a great resource for all things laser.

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I have looked into your source and am absolutely going to give it a try. I hope vcarve has an option for this too, but if only on lightburn, it’ll still be a huge win.

Thanks for linking to LAhobbyguy. He’s golden.

I don’t think that VCarve has any options for a camera. That said I have an inexpensive webcam set up on my LongMill. The camera is connected to a raspberry pi running OctoPi. OctoPi is an operating system for the raspberry pi that runs OctoPrint. OctoPrint is software to control a 3D printer and it broadcasts the webcam for me on my local network.

With this setup I can monitor my machine from any device on my local network by visiting 192.168.X.XXX/webcam/?action=stream where 192.168.X.XXX is the local address of the raspberry pi as shown in your router software. Setup a reserved address for the raspberry pi so it always has the same address.

I’m sure there are other programs that you could stream the camera from with a raspberry pi or maybe even the computer that is running the CNC if it’s powerful enough to run both the CNC and broadcast the camera. I just used OctoPi because I was familiar with it.

I think a camera is a good addition to a CNC. Granted if there is a problem I’m not right in front of the machine but it allows me to go design, or check the forums and still see the machine.

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I am going to use my security system to install some cams to look at the CNC while I am on my cad pc or in VR doing design.

I have a few poe ip cameras still idle, so that won’t be a problem. Bonus will be that I can look back at all the bleep ups I am going to make, to actually learn something.

The how isn’t really important, but having an easy accessible camera watching the machine is close to a must-have.

Do you have pictures of your setup and camera shot?

Here are some pics.

I have an enclosure on my mill so camera mounting was easy with the help of my 3D printer.

This is the feed I get from the position in the photo above.