Camlab and profile cut

Camlab appears to do a profile cut and will add tabs if Tab Box is checked, BUT the profile is only cutting to depth of relief, not the thickness of the stock. Am I missing something or will it not profile to thickness of stock.

@Scoutergerry I just played with a file in camlab and viewed it in ncviewer. I may have found the issue. No guarantees, though. In the “path alterations” menu, I think that depth first must be checked.

Worth a try??

Thanks for the reply. I just tried simulating with Depth First with several variant ions Same result. All ideas appreciated.

@Scoutergerry Strange. In ncviewer, it looks like it is cutting through when depth first is checked. I suggest that you contact Sienci support. Camlab is their baby and I’m sure that they will help you out. When you get a solution, please post it here for future reference.

@Scoutergerry Just to be clear, you are not actually cutting these; you are running simulations. Correct? If I am mistaken and you are cutting them, one other thing to look at is to make sure your Z gantry is not bottoming out, causing it not to cut deep enough.

I have ran some actual tests, plus z is not bottoming out. I sent an email to Chris lasr night, waiting for reply.
Thanks again

Being 4 days with no sugestions or solution. Have to assume Camlab can not have outline profile set to thickness of wood.

@Scoutergerry That’s a bummer, Gerry. What gcode sender are you using? Can you post the .nc file that you have exported?

It is a bummer for now, hopefully a solution will come up in near future. the problem is there for any reliefs I try, just in the past they all had flat sides (straight no curves) and I trimmed them with the radial arm saw.
Camlab is based on KiriMoto and I noticed KiriMoto has the Tabs check box, and a Profile check Box under it. Camlab is missing the Profile Check Box, maybe it will appear in the future.
Till then I took a month subscription with Carveco Maker, after a learning curve it does what I was looking for, Profile the Relief.
Being a Senior withno extra pension be nice to save that expense and stay with Carbide Create and Camlab, they were doing everything I needed as a hobbist.
Still holding out hope someone will find a solution with Camlab.
I am using UGS and and the problem seems to be with any stl’s I try to export to .nc The ship one has a copyright so I do not not think I better share code on a public board for testing, I have right to produce the item.