CAMlab or Kiri:moto OFFLINE

These times have had me thinking about viruses.
I segregate myself, as do most of us these days, away from crowds and other sources of virus transmission.

And so it should be with computer viruses as well! For example, I have two old XP machines that still work 15 years later because they have never had a virus… primarily because they have NEVER been online.

If I use CAMlab or Kiri:Moto, I expose my workstation to potential viruses while online. (I use a cheap tablet for my online activities, knowing that I am only risking a 100$ tablet, not a 600$+ workstation containing essential programs and data. Most people using paid virus software spend near 100$ a year maintaining that “protection”, with no real guarantee that their computers are protected against new and unknown viruses.)

Is it impossible to make CAMlab or Kiri:Moto local applications?

Never hurts to be safe. So far (knock on wood) I have only been using Windows Defender (included with Win 10) and have had no issues. Not to say it can’t happen.

I believe Chris at Sienci has been working toward making CamLab a local application. I haven’t heard or seen any updates lately though.

@chrismakesstuff - what’s the status please? TIA

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Oh thats good news! Thanks.

Status is I have a first basic version for CAMLab but it seems some bugs have permeated through on the creation. I’m going to chat with Stewart sometime in the next few weeks to see if he might be doing something similar for Kiri