Camlab separate relief from stock

I use cam lab and ugs. Is there an easy way to separate the stock from the relief carving ? Example the ram from the stock. Have low vision so hope cnc can do it. THANKS ScouterGerry

@Scoutergerry Can you post a pic of what you are talking about Gerry?

Still attached to main Stock.

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@Scoutergerry Very nice carving. I don’t use Camlab, so I just spent some time looking for how it generates the tool path for the cut out. I struck out completely.

@chrismakesstuff Chris: Can you help Gerry and educate me at the same time. Where is the profile cut out feature in Camlab?

Gerry: One issue that you may have is that you’re taken the piece off the table. Depending on how you found/set X0Y0, you may not be able to get it back in exactly the same location on your table. Chris may be able to shed some light on that, too.

Oh no, I don’t see any pins. I’ve come to rely on pins especially when I’m turning my stock over. I would think that you’re now looking at a bandsaw scenario.

Trying to be a good Scouter, Be Prepare for next time. Vision makes hard to cut. THANKS

@Scoutergerry If you set your X0Y0 to one of the corners, you have a good shot at getting it back and cutting it out. If you set to the centre of the piece, your odds are longer. You can still take a crack at it, though. Find the centre of the piece and go for it - as soon as you learn how to do a cut out in CamLab, of course.

Just got a reply Delivery incomplete in case someone sent something!

Just got a reply Delivery incomplete in case someone sent something! Thanks Gerry

Ran it again this time with TAB box selected. It did put tabs where it look like a profile on edge of relief, but again the groove that would be the profile is only slightly deeper then the relief itself, not to the thickness of the stock. So only change is a couple tabs left across what would be the profile cut.
Any suggestions?
Sincerely Gerry

@Scoutergerry I was looking through some old posts of mine and came across this conversation with you. Were you able to figure out what to do in CamLab to cut out your work?