Camlab tutorial please

I am having trouble with Camlab (and KiriMoto for that matter, but Im trying to keep it simple now that I have experienced so many fails).

I’m confused by the terms used: whats the difference between “finishing” and “relief”, and when should one of them be used and not the other?
Why are there two categories of finishing( 1, finishing and 2 relief)?

I set up a model with a flat plane at the base of the carve, all in one STL file. My roughing pass revealed that only the model shape was being cut out, not the flat plane area at the bottom. After switching to “relief” and disabling roughing, I chose a 1/16 endmill for finishing… Rather, relieving… I guess… Anyway, the final pass with the 1/16 endmill revealed that the entire 6mm deep background plane was going to be hogged out in one pass with the 1/16 endmill!

Can we please get a thorough explanation of how to use Camlab? An explanation of the weirdly named categories and in what circumstances to utelize them?

Please update the “Camlab help page”. Its no help at all as it is now.

Thank you

I second that! Just getting into some 3D carving and would love some details around what toolpaths to use for what…

Since Camlab is made by the same guy who made Kiri:Moto, and that program has excellent youtube tutorials, I switched to learning that program. The Definitive Guide to Kiri:Moto 2.5 - YouTube
It is useful for many procedures from 3d printing to CAM operations and has many more options.

The terminology used to describe various CAM operations is different from most CAM programs I have used, which took more time but I think it is worthwhile.