Can the visualizer be used with the Start-From-Line feature

Is it possible to add to the start-from-line feature so that when you key in your starting line (and click preview or ? ) it can be shown in the visualizer where it is? Sometimes, when doing pocket or profile cuts I like to run the cut again but only in certain areas. It is a lot of guessing on big jobs when I can’t rerun the whole file

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@Swinly Lonnie: While you wait for this feature in gSender, you can open the gcode file in ncviewer and you can see a visualization of the file, with the line numbers beside it. It may be worth a try.

Find it a

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Anything is possible - but in this case it would come with a bit of overhead.

Start from line works by virtualizing the file up to the requested start line so we know modals + position. Which means if we wanted to do that, we’d need to virtualize the file any time you changed the line/previewed. Which is fine but also takes time - especially given that it might be a very large file and someone wants to start very deep into it.

I think any changes we’d make in this behaviour would be closer to what Grant mentioned - being able to mouseover the line and get a line number. It’s ultimately not super high priority at the moment.


I’ve seen ncviewer mentioned before but had no idea what it was. Will be trying it out next time this situation arises.

@KGN @gwilki , Thank you both for your replies

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