Can this be done in gSender

I’ve been playing with ugs and gSender for the past few days

I’ve gotten used to using a feature that ugs has

You can set the x y and z,. Then you actually have the ability to type in a number and change what the actual value is

As an example I set my XYZ to 0
And then I go in and change my Z to be 1 mm

This functionality allows me to set the depth of my engraving bit run through the programming make a small adjustment and rerun the programming without having to rewrite the g code

I haven’t been able to find an easy place for me in gSender to override the actual value of what the current axis is

I’m sure I could probably change it using G-Code but I’m wondering if the UI has the ability for me to click on the number as an example and then just say instead of being five I want it to be one

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@Menglor I don’t believe that it’s there in gsender, Stephen. FWIW, I just jog down in Z, then set Z0 at the new location when I want a deeper cut in Z.

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I’m looking for something a little bit more precise

I’ve been setting .5 .75 2.0
I need to be able to reproduce it on demand so just winging it isn’t good enough

You can enter a specific move distance in GSender for X, Y or Z in any mode - rapid, normal, or precise. Just change the value in the white box on the axis you want changed. Someone else mentioned this in another post that GSender may not let the value “stick” if you change modes after changing the value to something else, and then go back. You can also change the default settings maybe for Precise mode to the value you use most.

The other option would be to create a Macro to do the exact same thing with one or two clicks for each of your options above.

Yes, Macros can be cumbersome, but just an option.

Thanks , but I am not looking to change the move rate

I want to change the value of Z on the fly. (As an example)

When I am at Z =0

I want to change Z to .5 so I can dig .5 mm deeper

@Menglor I think that a macro is the only way to accomplish what you want easily. I suggest, though, that you send a google form with the suggestion to add the ability to change the value in the axis window.

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Type a move command in the console window for the value you want to go down. For example 0 your machine, then send a -.5 command to move the Z down by what you want (in this case 0.5) and then hit the Zero Z button. Then your “0” will be whatever you moved it lower. I am certain you could make a macro up and store it as well (I am not an expert here) that can zero the machine, drop it by whatever and then re-zero it.

Sadly this would require me to push the bit into the material then zero. Which is a problem

I want to set the value without moving the head.

I did try what your saying, but the bit broke and damaged the work piece


I wanted to revive this old thread here @Menglor to mention that though this feature is not currently available for gSender, there is a manual way of doing so for the time being. If you’d like to try this out for the time being: if you wanted to set your current Z-location as 5mm rather than 0mm, then you’d send “G10 P0 L20 Z5”.

Let me know if that works for you in the meantime :+1:

I have since moved on from this issue

I seem to be setting my Z closer to the workpiece than I would like.

I understand you guys haven’t implemented it yet and that’s fine

A few times that I’ve hit probe and it’s been too far I just do the abort and then retry it and it moves on

In the future I will whine again for this feature but it’s not an issue right now

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New release 0.7.2 now has manual axis value entry :slight_smile:

Just click on the number and type a new one and hit ‘enter’ to assign a new value. @Menglor can you inform on if this feature is functioning as expected? We also made some tweaks to z-axis jogging behaviour so as to not overrun

I have done limited testing in 7.2

however, I feel this is the feature I was expecting.

I plan to do some testing with the system with G90 and G91 to see how it affects macros.

however, this feature works as I hopped.