Carbide Create - Not Cutting All The Way Through

I’m pulling out my rapidly greying hair.

For the life of me I can’t get CC to cut all the way through
on my projects.

I caliper my board thickness and enter it as Stock thickness (Top).

When I do my toolpath for the border path/cut. If my material is .375
and I set my max cut depth to .390 it should cut all the way through???

It’s not even coming close.

All my pocket cuts are going to depth correctly… I’m stumped!

Can anyone shed some light? I’ve searched for answers but nothing
of substance yet.


Hm, from your pics of the Laser tutorial it seems ur router clamps nearly all the way down in the mounting plate. But maybe you rearranged it and now it is the same issue like
here? :thinking:

@Lumpy Kris:

  1. Where are you setting your Z0? Top of work piece, bottom of work piece, top of spoil board? (I’m not familiar with CC, so I’m trying to cover all angles here.

  2. You say that all is well with pocket cuts. Is this the case with the same project that is not cutting through, or different projects? If it’s the same project, are you changing bits between cutting the pockets and cutting the through cuts? If so, are you re-setting Z0?