Carbide Create set up with Longmill

Hi there! Newbie, here. I’ve installed the free version of Carbide Create. In the settings, there is a drop-down to select the kind of machine I have. Longmill is not listed. The only machines listed, of course, are Shapeoko and Nomad. I know there are Longmill users who use Carbide Create - so how do I set up my Longmill to use Carbide Create? Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Use Shapeoko XXL. it’s the closest to the LM 30x30 being 33x33.

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My understanding over time and my practice have always been to use the Basic G-Code Output setting. I then delete the first 3 M lines ( M05,
M0 ;T102, M03S10000 ) and we are good to go.

I had the same question. XXL isn’t an option on mine…