Carbide Create v7 : no more g-code

Just a heads up for anyone using Carbide Create (free version). They have removed the ability to generate g-code from the latest version.

I just started carving in July and I had downloaded version 6 of Carbide Create (build 626) on 31-JUL-2022. But today I saw that they had V7 out so I figured I’d update.

Luckily it installs it in a separate folder (on Windows). So I uninstalled v7 and am back using v6 which I assume as long as I have it installed will generate g-code.

Additional: They offer a way to extract the g-code (which is now saved with the .C2D file in v7 and that would be using this new tool at: Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7)

There has been a very active discussion on the Carbide 3D Community about this. Carbide Create V7 Beta - Carbide Create - Carbide 3D Community Site

Version 7 has a number of improvements, but in order to get the g-code out you need an account with them or the Pro version (which I use). The last Version 6 is available at Carbide 3D , and requires no access to the web or cloud services. Should work as-is forever. You can install and keep both versions on your computer.

I’ve been using the product for the last year, and it meets all of my needs. I was caught off guard by this change, but had intended to go to the Pro version in any case.

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Agree. I am going to run both versions side-by-side as I evaluate and get more familiar with all of this.

Yeah was caught off gaurd on this as well. Besides text changing in real time was not excited by the latest features in v7. A week after the inittial v7 beta roll out they rolled out the ability to import stl’s which is nice. I already had a pro license and really the only benifit was the engrave feature. Now i guess its being able to export gcode as well.


After shopping around, downloading, installing and tinkering with other solutions (for Mac OS) I went with the year subscription for Carbide Create Pro 7.

Starting out, it’s worth it to me for a ~10/month for access to a “simpler” g-code export. Though this was a decision for me, which my spouse and I discussed and could justify. I realize, and empathize, that some folks don’t have $120 to put in up-front, or for what might amount to a hobby.

However, for me it was a balance of looking at other applications and the complexity/learning curve. As well as the cost/time of Application development and I can understand why Carbide 3D made a financial and/or business decision to put one of the most widely used & needed features on the market behind a pay-wall.

As a woodworker making things on the side, for fun, and not-yet for-profit. I don’t have the capacity to research, and make a g-Code app myself, nor, learn to run some of the more robust tools, yet. So I felt supporting the continued development of Carbide Create was a worthwhile “investment” of the roughly $10/mo.

I know it’s a difficult decision for all, and hope this analysis is helpful.