Carveco and gsender

Does anyone know what gcode to use when saving code in CarveCo to be used in gsender? I have a Longmill 30x30. Thank you

@Chuckxemt Welcome to the group, Chuck. You’ll find lots of help here. Be sure to post your projects for us all to see.

I don’t use Carveco, but I know that it is very similar to VCarve. Use either grbl inch or grbl mm, depending on what system you design your projects in.

If Carveco does not offer those post processors, report back and I’m sure someone will be more help than I have been. :grinning:

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Hello sir! Welcome to the forum! I don’t have my CNC yet but concur what the moderator says. Be active here! We enjoy seeing peoples creativity and it helps everyone.

Hey Chuck,
I don’t use Curveco either, cost/return issues
The software part is the hardest part , play with it and have fun. If this wasn’t fun, nobody would do it. Imperial or metric works with gsender, no need to get too fancy. Load it and run it and stay close to the pause button

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Welcome Chuck, I use Grbl (mm) .gcode out of Carveco (with gSender).

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Hi Chuck I use Grbl inch.