Carveco software

I saw a video stating if i use carveco software i shouldn’t use the auto zeroing block to zero out the machine? Is this correct and i have to do it by just eyeballing it?

I do not use Carveco but I don’t think that’s correct. As far as I know you only set where the origin is in your CAD/CAM software, Carveco in your case. What method you choose to set the origin with in your control software, gSender I assume because of Auto Zero block, is a separate thing.

So you should be able to zero XYZ for any corner with the Auto Touch Block. If you choose the center for the origin the block will only be used for Z, and XY would be set by another method. I use a v-bit and my eyeballs for XY zero in the center and then switch to the bit that will be used and set the Z with either a probe or the paper method.

I used the block to xyz zero… started the project… when it played to switch bits i tried just using the block on Z zero and when you go to touch the bit for connectivity, it doesn’t acknowledge the tip.
So like you stated i just used the paper method for z zero…

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I’ve been using Carveco and the auto-zero block since I started. Do you have a link to the video? Maybe it refers to a project-specific workflow…? Do you use g-sender?

If this means you have/had a single file that used multiple bits I have nothing to offer on that as I have always used just one bit per file. To each is own but my thinking is, I don’t have a ‘bit setter’ or ‘tool changer’ of any kind so multiple bits in one file would only save a couple of mouse clicks, loading and starting the next file. I still have to manually change bits and set Z zero again either way.

That said, it sounds like maybe a bug in gSender if the connectivity test is failing when it shouldn’t. Are you using the new gSender version 1.4 that was released yesterday? If not, I would try that before posting a bug report, in the hopes that it is already fixed.

This was the video and it was at about the 29 min mark of the video, unless i just misunderstood him

He was still talking about Carbide Create at 29 min. I don’t see why the Auto Touch wouldn’t work in gSender with code from Carbide Create but that’s what he said. So you understood him correctly, I think, it’s just the wrong software.


Yeah, that doesn’t make sense.
There’s no reason you can’t set zero using any method regardless of what program generated the gcode.


After our discussion, I’ve been using the auto block with no issues… using carbide, so not sure either what he was meaning in the video

I use Carveco all the time and have never had any issues.