Carveco V carve problem

Edit by moderator: This discussion originally dealt with a limit switch/sensor issue. That discussion is now in the Modifications category.

Ah man sorry for the late response but yes that worked perfectly thank you alot. But dang now I got that fixed maybe you might be able to help me with something else I try running a v carve and it starts running the job but mid way threw my z axis starts acting weird by going up and down then it decides to plow down through my material
do you have any idea what might cause something like that.

It could be a lot of things, it’s hard to say without knowing a little more about your setup. What type of machine do you have? What software do use for designing and creating the G-Code? What software do you use to control the machine?

Gotcha i have the M1 and i use carveco as my CAD drawing software and Gsender
Also i notice when I try to home my machine it tends to stall on the zaxis

I’m not very familiar with Carveco Maker but make sure you are using something like GRBL inch or GRBL mm for your post processor.

As far as stalling during homing, do you mean that the Z axis will stop moving up and the homing will fail? If so it could be that the anti-backlash block is to tight and it’s having a hard time moving the Z axis. If the Z axis doesn’t move up when it’s supposed to during a carve the next down move is going to go to low.

I’m also curious if this is a new machine to you and your just figuring things out, or did the machine work fine and your problems started when you added the inductive sensors?

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