Carved some Gnomes with the vortex and made a couple videos

Hello fellow cnc-ers,

I 3d carved some gnomes holding a shovel with the vortex

Full uncut video of rotary surfacing to 2-1/2" (62.5mm) diameter a rough piece of poplar

I simply used the default settings in gSender’s rotary surfacing tool.

1/4" flat up cut end mill

This piece of wood measured 101mm on the diagonal in some areas and it was about 3mm from the dust shoe bracket so pretty much the biggest square I could fit on the Vortex.

Cut video of 3d roughing and 3d finishing

The finished project is just under 2-1/2" (62.5mm) diameter and about 6" (152mm) tall.

1/4" Flat up cut end mill for the 3d roughing tool path - 1h41m

1/4″ D1/16″ Tapered ball end mill for the 3d finishing tool path - 2h32m

Thank you to Aitor Vannevel on Printables for the beautiful Gnome with shovel model.


That must be all the vortex is good for…:wink:


Those gnomes must be so happy we freed them.

I also made this 15mm elm dowel

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