Carvey for sale - SOLD

Anyone interested in a Carvey from Inventables?
It’s a great, quiet, enclosed machine for when you don’t want to be in your cold workshop.
Lots of extras!
$1200 OBO
I’d prefer not to ship, but that can be arranged.
Located in central Ohio, USA.

Where are you situated in Ohio?

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Hey Austin,
I’m in a NW suburb of Columbus…I sent you a PM.

Very cool! A pseudo-relic of hobby CNC past :smiley: I’ve always been curious why people graduate from this sort of fully-packaged machine, is it mostly the cutting area for you Neil?

Yes, and the fact that I have 3 young kids. It seems no matter how big a machine is made, someone will need one bigger. It’s no different than any other grbl based machine, though it does have some firmware modifications for the integrated button (works as a feedhold/ park and cycle start).

I wish Inventables would’ve kept that line going, but they abandoned it. It’s a good, precise little machine.

So maybe, in a few years, the CNC museum will pay double for it?
I’ve got one of these that I’ve benched for a few years because I don’t really have time to troubleshoot. It’s got an old driver that used a mini fridge sized PC running DOS to control it. I hacked in an Arduino and Grbl, but the Z kept slipping. The Carvey made it a waste of time and then time was a luxury.