Celtic Weave Table insert

I used the LongMill to cut a Celtic weave pattern onto a tanged ellipse that I let into an oak slab table top that I’ building for a client. I also used the Longmill to cut all the components of the table.

The versatility of the Longmill allows for real imaginative shapes to be cut for the different components. It also allows me to use up odd shaped timbers that I have scattered around the workshop.

The wheels on the Longmill bench allow me to mill long table top slabs with little hassle!


Wow @Br5d this has to be one of the most unique things I’ve seen done on the LongMill. Great work brother!

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@Br5d Looks very fine, Brad. I’d love to see that grain when you’ve put a finish on it.

Thanks Gentlemen! I’ll post more as it progresses, the grain on the table top ranges from white to red to black. Should pop when oiled, sealed and waxed.

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Very nice! It’s cool to see intricate things milled into giant things.

Are your jobs typically big enough that they span more than the depth of the machine, that is, are you tiling, or can you just move to a different area and mill a whole pattern?

Thanks Bill! The short answer is that I just move the planks through the machine and clamp as needed. If in the future I need to pause and continue a carve I’ll use the tiling function in vcarve. The majority of the inscriptions I’m doing are subtle with small fonts that fit within the 750mm limits of the longmill. The only depths that are challenging my patience are some of my bits which I occasionally forget to mount with sufficient depth to cut through. I’m getting better though.

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Quick update: I love when clients change their minds half way through a project. What was supposed to be a small 2 seater table has now evolved into a much larger affair. I scrounged around the workshop and discovered a couple of orphaned pieces that I was able to include via connector pcs into making up a larger table top. I inlayed the connectors into the back of the table tops and achieved the configuration I was after. As this was breaking new grounds I thought I would incorporate some epoxy that I’ve been meaning to have a go at. All in all its turning out well!


Wow! Very nice, love that. Nice work!

Thanks Mike! On to the legs next.

Legs on and sitting pretty!


Wowie! Now that’s a truly unique sight to behold :beers:

That is amazing work

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