Chess pieces on new Vortex

I posted this on Facebook, but really have not had much response

, so thought I would try here. Problem with my chess carve on my vortex. Started a carve of a king figure, 2x2 mesquite, rough pass with 1/4 inch end mill, finish with tapered ball point (raster cut at 270). All good until the end, when the crown got rounded off (it was fine after the rough pass, but finish killed it). Obviously I did something wrong, but can anyone point me toward the correct path?

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@mhforbes, what a shame! Otherwise looks like it turned out really well. Would you be able to post the g-code file you ran for the finishing pass? It might’ve been a problem with how you generated the file

One Queen SJ.gcode (92.3 KB)
Thanks Chris. Attaching the code.

While you’re thinking about it, another question. As I run this stuff, my A steps from 0 to 360 and back down to 0 with each pass. Looks like it actually rotates the stock up to 10 full rotations cutting only the first rotation, and that seems a little extreme. Am I missing a setting somewhere in VCarve?

And if you get a chance, clear mesquite machines really well. I do love the equipment you guys sell.

Oops, wrong file. That was the one from your group, I believe. Attaching mine.
Queen 3D Finish SJ.gcode (178.6 KB)

I must be really tired. Trying again. Both files for the king piece.

King 3D Finish SJ.gcode (1.1 MB)
King 3D Roughing.gcode (30.9 KB)

The finish pass has been regenerated about a million times in the past 24 hours. This file is actually the correct one :frowning: I hope.

King 3D Finish SJ.gcode (102.8 KB)

The queen worked some better, but not perfect. A fragile design, so I suspect I’ll keep looking for a better one.

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Looks like good progress Morris! Sorry just to make sure I’m looking at the right file, can you doubly point me to the one I should be looking at? I think I’ve gone a little cross-eyed with all the options you’ve given me :grinning:

Understand. It’s the file
King 3D Finish SJ. It uses the Skinny Jenny bit from Cadence Mfg. I actually think the bit may be part of the issue. At 1/16 inch it is possibly too large to work the small details and with a 5 degree angle may be cutting off more than expected. It worked ok on the queen, but the ball on the crown should be larger. I plan to test with a smaller bit tomorrow.

The last file I attached (I see two with the same name). Looks to be 102.8 kb. The earlier one with name was a different test, and won’t be useful. I spent a lot of time generating variations looking for changes in finish product.

King 3D Finish SJ.gcode (102.8 KB)

I reran the king from scratch today - same results. I check post processor, used a good set of tools (Sienci’s), and just can’t figure what I’m doing wrong. The crown shows correctly in vCarve and gsender, as far as I can tell. Just does not cut. Attaching the vCarve file - maybe it will tell you something useful. Desktop vCarve 12.006, gsender 1.4.7. SLB and vortex. No sensors attached, no odd setup. Everything should be up to date. I still see an issue with Vortex rotating multiple times per 360 on the A axis (up to 10 rotations each way, up to 360 and down). That could be an issue throwing things out of kilter on the non-symmetrical parts??

King.crv (3.5 MB)

@mhforbes when in rotary mode, what is your $103 value?

800.000 shows for $103

$101 shows the 800 as well, if I am seeing it correctly. Is that correct?

@mhforbes @chrismakesstuff I don’t believe that is correct and FWIW, I believe that is what is causing the multiple rotations in A. I had the same issue during the beta testing. $100 - $102 should be 800. That is for X, Y and Z. $103 should be 19.753. That is for A. When you set gSender to rotary, the Y number and the A number swap. So, $101 becomes 19.753 and $103 becomes 800. At that point, we are using the Y axes to rotate the Vortex. When you switch back, the number swap again so that Y is back to “normal”.

I am far from expert on this, so if you choose to change $103, run a job in the air. I believe that you will find that it rotates properly. If I am wrong, please report back.

That makes a big difference in rotation speed, but now it seems to only make a 1/4 rotation instead of full. $101and $103 return the values 19.753 and 800, respectively.

With the change to $101/$103, things are looking better, but the rotation for a full A 360 is only a quarter turn now. I did confirm that with a new cut path. This does look like the root cause of all my issues, explaining the rounding of the asymmetrical parts of the King, though, so good to be on a path. Now if I can resolve the partial rotation :slight_smile:

@mhforbes I seem to recall the partial rotation thing coming up in Beta, too. I may be dreaming, though. I’ll give it some more thought and re-read past posts. In the meantime, it’s entirely likely that @chrismakesstuff will beat me to the solution. :grinning:

Oh, I assume that you are using the customized post processor that Sienci provides, yes?