Chris' Latest SuperLongBoard Update: Preorder Announcement

Hey folks! Chris has the latest updates on the SuperLongBoard. Pre-orders open on December 4th. Tune in to our live stream launch at 2 PM EST that day to catch all the excitement!

To learn more, watch the full video and visit our SuperLongBoard product page. Make sure to set yourselves a reminder to join our live stream launch.


Live stream link:

SuperLongBoard product page:

@chrismakesstuff Chris: In this video, you said that the SLB will not support closed loop steppers. Correct?

In Andy’s vidoe on the Altmill, he said that it will have closed loop steppers. Correct?

If both are correct, that means that the SLB is not compatible with the Altmill.

You’re correct on both fronts Grant. The SLB that I’ve been showing and plan to ship will all fully abide by what I mention in the video and be aimed toward the LongMill, those aspects are fully locked in.

Meanwhile the execution of the AltMill’s electronics are still a bit up in the air but are actively being explored as have pairing with the right motors. Making an alternate version of the SLB compatible might not be feasible but it certainly is possible, as are some other board options.

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@chrismakesstuff It’s about time that I got something right. :grinning: Tks, Chris

ps. Excellent video.

Hi Chris,

Looks really good! Wondering if the new SLB has any onboard provisions for changing step rates and current settings for users having stepper motors other than for a LongMill. If it does are they accessed through software or firmware on the board?


Lorne :grinning:

@Polly great question :+1:

Yes all the configuration for the motor drivers are being made available directly to users without needed to recompile. This has been helpful for us during testing, and I think is very valuable to keep in for using the SLB for other CNC setups. This includes things like current, microstepping, hold current %, and some of the nitty gritty TMC driver settings


Good news . . . Thanks Chris! Looking forward to the upcoming SLB Live Stream.


So Chris for the slb and on board tmc drivers which motors are being recommended ? or suggested to pair nicely with the new board

So far the majority of the testing we’ve done with the SLB has been on the LongMill platform which uses NEMA 23 Stepper Motors from LDO. Specifically their LDO-57STH76-2804 model

You can see some specs for them here:

And at the bottom page here:

I think the important factors are the phase current and phase resistance. There are many other motors that should approximate the same setup

Apologies, I joined the SLB launch a little late. I thought I heard Andy speaking about the “ALT Mill” motors being closed loop and those are what I was thinking about in terms of my question. Should I direct my question to him and Daniel. I am aware of these particular motors, but i didn’t see any of the closed loop ones Andy referred to when i first looked at LDO.


Ah! Yes in that case Andy or Daniel would be able to answer your questions. They’ve got a thread on the AltMill announcement here, as far as I’m aware though they’re still in the process of selecting the motors they’d like to use for it

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