Clocks projects for contest

Here are some clocks I have made. They are 32” in diameter x 2” thick. They are made out of MDF which I glue together to get the thickness. The frame is cut separately in eight pieces then glued together. The face is 1/4” MDF or 1/2” pine. I made these for various members of my family. Again I use feed and speeds posted by Sienci and Vectric cam software.


I gotta say, those are really nice! I can’t decide which one I like best. Maybe the last one because it
has that β€˜carbon fiber’ vibe going on. :grinning:

I used the Vectric texture tool path and 90 V-bit to create.

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Nicely done!
Where did you purchase your clock movements from?

Marty from Kingston, ON Canada

Thanks. Got the clock movement from β€œ”. I think they are in California. sells theses cheap