Closed Loop Stepper Motors Upgrade

With the issues we have been having with motors stalling and having to adjust speeds and acceleration to work will there be an option to upgrade our longmills with closed loop stepper motors? I don’t have the space in my shop to upgrade to the alt-mills 48x48 size? 48x30 is my max. Or will the alt-mill be available in the 48x30 format? Machine only, don’t need the table.

Hey Jim,

Chatting with the team, I don’t think we have any plans for closed loop motors on the LongMill in the near future - generally we’ll be limited in our travel speed due to the leadscrews whipping around so there’s some diminishing return on spending money on closed loop motors that can spin faster.

As far as a smaller AltMill, yeah there’s been a lot of interest in making a 2’x4’ sized AltMill so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did this at some point. No timeline or promises though!! :wink:


Thanks for the reply.

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