CNC 3018 PRO and ERROR: 2

hi, I have the following issue.
I am modifying my Gerber file with FlatCAM program, I generate my .nc file and open it with gcode senders.
I send the program and it stops randomly with ERROR: 2
I have already checked the code and everything is perfect.
I have tested the direct code on the CNC using the SD memory and it works perfectly.

@dawaherjesus Welcome, Jesus. This forum is for users of the Sienci CNC machines. You may be better off asking your question somewhere dedicated to your 3018 machine.

I know absolutely nothing about your machine. However, you may want to try running a much newer version of UGS. The one that you are running is 2 years old and there have been many versions since then. The newest is August 2020.

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Hi Jesus, yeah not entirely sure you’re getting this error. It could be a problem with the machine itself but it’s hard for me to say for certain.

I would concur with Grant to try using a newer version of UGS perhaps

@dawaherjesus Just another question, Jesus. What post processor are you using to generate your gcode from Flatcam?

I know nothing about Flatcam, but I’ve read that it does not write out a full set of gcode commands. Maybe, some of those that it does not send are the ones that UGS is looking for - just a thought.