CNC Enclosure Finally built

Finally got around to building an enclosure for my Longmill. I have sketchup plans that I am happy to share with anyone interested. Still need to add some sound proofing but happy with everything so far.

Based on the amount of help I have received from everyone I wanted to give back a little.

The base is made up of solid oak. The enclosure is a missmatch of plywood, oak and MDF.

I still need to add the door openers to assist with raising the front lid. It is very heavy!!

Below is a list of supplies that I used (I do not get anything from you purchasing for yourself) :

Vacuum Hose:

Retractable lanyards (ended up having to double up on a couple locations due to weight of hose. Used a total of 10. Lanyard attached to eyehook and cable ties around hose):

LED Lights (very happy with the way they lit up the enclosure):

Plexiglass Front:

Hose reducer (Used a hole saw in the right rear corner. Reducer from 4" to 2 1/2". You will have to use the adapters in the vacuum hose kit from Home Depot)


@BC201 Boy, Chuck, when you come back after being away for a while, you don’t mess around. :grinning:

That is quite the engineering feat! For anyone here with the space for it, your design seems to have covered the bases.

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I really like the retractable reels for managing your vac hose, it seems like a great way to suspend the hose without securing it too rigidly.

They really worked great. In a couple places I needed to double up so that the weight could be properly supported. But for the price, not sure that you can beat it.


Love the design and layout. This is what I’m looking for. If you don’t mind sharing the design and plans that would be appreciated. Thank you!

Great work Chuck. How tall are the side walls?


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