CNC Ideas and improvements

This is probably outside the scope of gSender, but a few things I would like to see for the longmill.

1 - Rotary Axis support.

2 - I would like to be able to bolt down and item, and the Longmill using a probe to measure out a CAD file for the item in question.
(think CnC Duplicator) I bolt down a Guitar body, run a program and it measures out and puts the exact measurements into a design program using a “marking probe”

3 - I would like to see a kind of HEADLESS Support for the Raspberry Pi, but not only would it be headless, where would be a webpage where I would watch the visualizers and UI from a “Tablet/phone” but have zero impact on the running of the UI (read only)

4 - I have seen this on the FB Groups, a Supported Traming component sold by Sienci, where you could Tram the Longmill as well as update it over time.

5- I think more maintenance features could be added, like the surfacing, but more for monthly service. Run this program and Oil this gear …

6 - Supported - Pendant INTERFACE CNC Touch - OpenBuilds Part Store

7 - I would like to be able to load 1 - 10 Gcode files, and then switch the visualizer like multiple desktops. I like to be able to have multiple toolpaths loaded individually, instead of loading, unloading, or bulk adding them (even if they use the same bit)

8 - I would like to see g-Sender be better at supporting Tiling, yes it can be done in various CAD programs. but if it could g-Sender could be used for the measurements and placement of the workpiece, the CAD files would be simpler.

Could also be used to make dual sided work even easier. (especially with limit switch support coming)

I think it would make it easier for newer users to make better use of the longmill.

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