CNC in the Garage or Basement?

So I’ve got the frame for my CNC all built, but now I’ve got to answer the age-old question of where the heck do I put it?

On the one hand, I have a wood shop in the basement, but it also has a u-bend in the stairs, which means I’ll have to get clever with the table. (A 4’x4’ table would have to be able to be disassembled, or be very short to get around the u-bend). I’ve been thinking about a flip top table, but end up with the same type of issue: I need to be able to get it into small enough pieces to move out if necessary. I’m not great from the stress analysis perspective to figure out where I could set up a break in the cabinet to separate it into left-support/bottom, right-support and table.

On the other hand, I could potentially make some space in the garage. No issues moving it out, can build any table my heart desires, but there’s also no climate control in there. I don’t know if that will cause a problem with carving or maintenance over time.

Has anyone run their CNC in a garage? Have you had any issues?


I have had my MK2 in the garage for the last year with no issues - other than dripping sweat on the product occasionally. Today it is 88 degrees with 75% relative humidity, so all good. Yesterday is was hot and wet. I am in Corpus Christi, on Padre Island.

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i have a stand alone wood shop separate from the house that means i have to fire up the pellet stove in the winter so i opted to set mine up in the basement hooked up to a small shop vac and cyclone and i have no dust issues.
and if i have an hour or two after dinner its nice to go down to the basement a fire up the machine for a quick project
the longmill-4

At the very least, it sounds like high humidity is OK. I’m not certain about the winters though, as I’m up in Waterloo with Sienci HQ. I suspect a quick change from cold to warm might not be great for the bits.

Thanks for the reply!

Honestly, I suspect you are over thinking this. The machine is incredibly resilient. The bits should be fine as well. Worst case, keep them in a conditioned space when not in use.

Oh I know I am. This is just how I do things. :slight_smile:

It’s also my first CNC, so I’m doing some research before I start building a suitable table. The original plan was to build in the basement with the rest of my tools; the garage idea was something that only recently came up.