CNC lights on a router

Any good ideas for lights on your router to light up your work area

I found a few solutions on Etsy. This one says it’s for OneFinity but it does come in 65mm. $70 seems a little expensive to me but I’m poor and remember everything costing less :grinning: Maybe it will give you an idea to make your own if nothing else.

I did see at least one other on Etsy for around $20 but it was USB powered. Maybe that’s OK if you have a spare USB output and a long cable. The $70 one is 110V with 10’ cord.

Norm, here is a light that I purchased for my router .

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@norm Here is another one to consider

FWIW, it’s available on and

thanks bought a string and installed myself

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@norm DIY is always good. :grinning: I’m closing the thread.