CNC / Router Bit/ dust collection

Greetings All,

Not sure I am putting this question in the right place. I would like to get the thoughts on those that have some time under their belts with the Longmill MK2/MK1 or any other Hobbyist CNC.
I came across this set of CNC bits from Amana

Amana Tool AMS-CNC-52 CNC Master Router Bit Collection Includes 52 1/4 inch Shank SKUs and LED Illuminated, Mirrored Interior and Solid Wood Display.

My first question is this set over kill for a beginner?

I am in the table/ bench cabinet build process for my 30 by 48 MK2. With laser add on. So far I have my Kreg 64 by 44 bench assembled, a Fire extinguisher, hearing protection, eye protection, Vetric Pro, Lightburn, Using my Festool Cyclone with CT48 for dust collection until I can figure out a way to connect to my V3000 Onieda.
Second question, Will my Festool CT 48 with Festool Cyclone work for dust collection?

What if any fume extraction to use with laser?

Thanks to all that reply.

@Jwar Overkill is putting it mildly. :grinning: Not only is this way overkill, but if I read the price right, it is about $2300 US!! So,more than the Long Mill by a huge margin.

Many here will be able to advise on bits. Much will depend on what you intend to make.

I would suggest that you look on the Sienci site. Even if you don’t buy the bits from them, you will get a pretty good idea of the most popular bits used by their client base.

re: dust collection. The Festool will likely work, but if I were you, I would move to the Oneida as soon as possible. Vacuums, even Festool vacuums, are not meant to run all day. DC’s are.

You will need fume extraction for the laser. The design will depend on your Long Mill setup and your climate.

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Hi Jack,

Grant’s suggestion to take a look at what Sienci sells on their website for reference is a good one.

I have personally been very happy with the router bits that Garrett Fromme at IDC Woodcraft sells. He has a starter set of 10 bits that he has put together that sells for $249. I began with the starter set, but have added a number of other bits since then. I have found the quality to be very good.

Here is a link to the starter set.



Thank you for the reply,
I have Garrett’s starter set along with a few others that Garrett offers. I was thinking in the line of a complete set to be able to handle any type of project that once I get good or even great at the CNC I could make a master piece or two.

Thanks as always for your insightful response. I will take another look at the Sienci Site. I purchased a set from IDC Woodcraft and was looking to complement what I currently have. Yes that Amana price tag is a very steep price. Too bad Amana just does not sell the case for those bits. Then again when I get good at this CNC I could make one even better than that Amana setup.
Right now I am awaiting a Permitting issue on my shop that was built by previous home owner in the 1990s and has went through various other permitting additions to the property as a whole now all the sudden the government can not find the original permits nor the building plans. So I have had to have a license structural engineer spec out the trussing and walls as my shop interior walls are 9ft 6 in tall and that put a hold to my dust collection piping run as the government considers it to be a mechanical system and wanted it permitted also. So I said no and took down the duct work and installed a temporary flex hose at 6 inch by 25 feet to a reducer to connect to my large machines. I have give the government 7 thousand in permit fees already and enough is enough for a property that was built in 1989 and a addition to shop in 1990 with an additional conversion done in 2011 with a solar add in 2014 permitted and no other permitted issues arose even on my purchase property was clear. Retaliation because I did a F.O.I.A. request for the road maintenance budget as the potholes were big enough to swallow a semi truck with a 53 foot trailer. Turned out the local county government was hording the repair funds of 23 million to collect interest to prop up the general budget and my request brought other prying eyes to the issue and they had to fix the roads. Sorry for the rant. Asap, I will pipe hard pipe of 6 or 7 inch then step down to 4 and adapt to the dust boot for the cnc but first I got to get the government out of my hair. Rome was not created in a day and I have time to resolve the issues with the government one step at a time. Then back to making the dream shop come true.

@Jwar I had suggested Garrett’s starter set, as your first question in your post was if the Amana master set was overkill for a beginner. So, I had assumed you were looking for info on a beginner’s set. You clearly are already past that point with your router bits you already have. So, for whatever it’s worth, I will share my perspective on buying bits. For the various standard profiles of bits, what I like to do is end up (meaning I add to my collection WHEN I can afford it!) with the full range of sizes for that particular profile bit. So, taking the example of a ball-nose end mill, I have bits going from 1/16" to 3/4". Then, added to that, there are the specialty bits you may want, depending on the type of work you might do. Examples are acrylic bits, Keyhole T-slot bits , surfacing bits, and high detail bits. Just sharing my “router bit philosophy” for whatever it’s worth! By the way, hearing about all the hoops you are jumping through to get your shop permitted, I am curious what state you reside in?

To answer your question about the state I live in California. As to your router bit philosophy We think alike. I want to have bits for, acrylic, wood. Maybe some aluminum work. Glass, so a drag bit for that. Currently building the table bench system. Kreg frame is built top is cut just need to figure out the internals, if torsion setup under top to stop any sagging as 6 ft by 4 ft is a lot of open space. When done drawing / designing will post photos and full plans to save someone else time in future for there build if they should like my table/ bench/ cabinet.