CNC Table Built for a small garage

I thought I would share as a first time Sienci Labs forum user the table I built in anticipation of receiving my LongMill Mk2. (Still waiting on a delivery date). I showed it in two positions to show you how it can be stored. My garage is small (2 car) and all tools must be on wheels for ease of movement. Hope it will be appreciated. Also, I’m open to suggestions on how I might attach vacuum hoses and set up my laptop for getting gsender and machine coordinated.
Mahalo, Bill


@Wescon Welcome to the group, William. You’ll find lots of help here as you progress in your Long Mill experience. :grinning:

Your table build is intriguing. Like you, I had to put my table on wheels in my basement shop. I don’t need to move it frequently, but when I do, the wheels make is an easy task.

As for dust collection, I have a rigid pvc setup connected to a flex hose that runs to the dust shoe. All that moves with the table. I use a 4" flex hose from the dust collector to the pvc on the table. I can easily disconnect that when I need to move the table. My controlling PC sits on a cabinet that does not move with the table. But since the only connection between it and the Mill is a USB cable, it’s easy to disconnect when I need to move the table.