Collettsium For Router Bits

Here is .dxf file so you can build your own “Colletsium”. You may want to check and adjust some of the hole sizes. The original had some 1/2" holes. All of my bits are either 1/8" or 1/4". Enjoy! Colletsium.dxf (134.2 KB)


@Heyward43 Sweet. Mine are hidden away in a drawer. No comparison.

Yeh, that’s cool. And talk about useful. Thanks fr the dxf.

Solid idea. I have zero excuse for how mine are scattered all over the shop and mostly in plastic sleeves/envelopes and the old Canadian Tire holder my original starter set came in… I have a bloody CNC, how have I not made one of these already?!


LOVE LOVE LOVE the name.