Combine drag bit with Vortex rotary to engrave glass/anodized tumblers?

Hi all -

Just recently received my Vortex and ordered a couple drag bits to use with glass and acrylic etc. when I had a thought…could they be used together?

I have used my diode laser to engrave powder, coated tumblers, and painted glass successfully using the rotary tool on my laser.

Does anyone have any experience with using a drag bit and a rotary in CNC?

Since the drag bit is spring loaded, I don’t think it’ll put sufficient enough pressure to shatter a glass on the rotary as long as it is well supported or thick enough?

Any input?


@DaveChevalier A belated welcome to the group, Dave.

Like you, I have etched glass and mirrors with my diode laser. I had not tried to etch with my diamond drag before you asked, but I figured I would take up the challenge. :grinning:

Today, I bought two glass jars at the dollar store. I figured that I could sacrifice $3 for the cause. The jars are roughly 3" in diameter and the same in height. I ran a test etch on one of them, and it came out OK. I believe that I need to set more pressure on the bit. To date, my only work with the diamond drag has been on ceramic tile and slate coasters. Both of those are softer than glass. The etch is visible, but not “show off” worthy.

If you try it and get good results, please post your results.

I’ll give it a go and do that.

Thanks for the reply, Grant!