Comedy and Tragedy

While learning, I am using rigid foam insulation as the material. It’s very inexpensive and easy on the bits.

The pic doesn’t show it too well, but this is a shallow 30° bowl, about 3/4" deep in the middle. The foam is 1" thick. I did this in one pass, using a 1/8" ball nose, then a second pass to cut it out.


Looks great @gwilki! Is a wooden bowl in the pipeline?

Tks, Chris. I’m a hobbyist woodturner, so bowls are always in the pipeline :slight_smile:

What attracted me to this project was the idea of being able to"carve" an image out of the bottom of the bowl. As a very newbie to CNC and to CAM/CAD, I found it quite complex to get this done. That said, and to answer your question, I can see trying something like this on a nice piece of maple some day. However, I’m still at the point where my Longmill freezes in mid job as often as not, so I’ll be holding off on that until I am confident that the wood will not go to waste.

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Is this a trail project from vetric looks really good. Im pretty impressed with the vetric software and very impressed with the longmill results so far.

Tristan: The clipart of the comedy and tragedy and of the dish was included in VCarvePro. I watched videos to learn how to insert the graphic into the dish and carve it. If you are looking for an excellent source of information using VCarve and Aspire, I recommend mark linday’s vetric for beginners series. It is excellent and Mark is very receptive to questions.